Tuesday 19th of June 2018
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Where do I sign up for NCS?


Ok I have been getting a ton of hits from the contact us link about where to sign up. Just follow this link:


If you have problems with the registration, just follow the few simple steps below, and you should be able to get in! Let us know if you still have issues!





Getting an error about having the WRONG VIP code?!


FYI The VIP Code is NCS






But you know without a doubt that the code is ncs and the stupid thing just isn't taking your sign in... So you sit there, angry at the world... NCS SUX... their stupid forum won't let me on.. what the crap! Then you swear some, give up, and go to another forum.Well stop right there fine sportbike enthusiast! The problem is NOT with the site!

Yes you read that correctly!


When you are having issues, and the site is telling you that the VIP code is wrong, the fix is simple.


In Internet explorer:Tools > Internet Options > Security Tab >


At this screen set everything back to defaults, well at least the internet part, hit apply/ok at the bottom, close out the explorer window, log back onto NCSportbikes.com, and try again! VOILA


On Mozilla FirefoxTools > Options > Privacy Tab


And just make sure that the box is checked to allow cookies from sites...


After that you should be rockin and rolling! If you aren't, simply contact us, and I will make sure you get on no sweat!