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Welcome to NCS!


Welcome to NCSportbikes.com! This is your home for sportbike fun for those local to NC, and even some beyond.This is not your average web site or forum for sportbikes, and I would like to take a second to explain why.


NCS is FOR THE RIDER | BY THE RIDER, founded by sportbikers, funded by sportbikers, and LOCAL bike shops, to turn things around to the community of... that's right, you guessed it! Sportbike RIders! (and yes future riders and significant others are of course welcome too!) NCS is about as NOT for profit of a site that you can get, almost every cent brought in to the site gets turned around for local events, contests, stickers, cards you name it, we are even trying to sponsor a local bowling team! (I'll let you know how that one turns out)


But the point remains, NCS is here for you the rider, and we are not your average bike site. So if you share the same passions for riding and for the sport itself, and live in, pass through, or just like to talk to people around the area, give us a shot. Takes 3 minutes to sign up to get all the benifits of the forums, and it's all FREE!



What's in the forums that you can't see not logged in?!

Blocking Individual Users Avatars-Birthday Alerts-Clickable Avatars-Fully Interactive Garage, where you can put your bike, your bike's mods, time slips, etc!-User driven profile changes (change the stadard color of the forum on a per user basis in your profile)-Free NCSportbikes.com webmail-Secret hidden forums only available to members-Shoutbox-Live chat-Local Sponsors who price match!-Contests as often as we can afford it!-Bike of the month compititions- Post counts, Picture counts, and much much more! All FREE!!!!!


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NCS Adopts-A-Highway


When NCSportbikes was very new and rapidly gaining members we decided to pledge some of our time to a worthy cause. Not only is it the right thing to do as a member of the community, but it may even help give sportbikes a bit of a reputation other than that of a group of hooligans. After a quick vote it was determined that adopting a highway would be the best use of the energies of a group of enthusiastic motorcyclists! What better way to volunteer than to help maintain the roadways that we use in the pursuit of our favorite hobby!?

The road we adopted is Wimberley Road in Apex; it's a bit south and east of Raleigh, near Jordan Lake. (West of 55 and just north of 64.) It's a scenic backroad comprised mostly of residential property. The pavement is smooth through the few sweeping turns; start to finish the road is just short of two miles long.

Our first clean up effort is scheduled for Saturday, February 16, 2008. If you're interested in participating watch the forum for details (check the Open Forum), PM me, or shoot me an email at PlayWithGravity@NCSportbikes.com.







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Congratulations Go Out to Our First

Group of NCS'rs to Conquer the:

Saddle Sore 1000



So for the last 6 months or so, Jason (ApolloCreed) and I have been talking about doing a Saddle Sore 1000 Ride. For those not in the know, The SS1K is a ride in which you must complete in 1,000 miles or more, in 24 hours or less. The Iron Butt Association gives out an award for such an accomplishment if you can do it. It’s a ride I personally have been talking about doing for a couple years now, but for one reason or another, it never happened.

Finally Jason and I had a date we could do it on, so I posted up a thread about it on NCS. Marty (PlayWithGravity) and Justin (FreeRideAce) said they wanted to come along as well. Surprised me as I assumed no one would want to do something so silly. All of us vary in riding experience from 3 months, to 20 some odd years. I was on my SV1000S, modded with Heli Bars, a Suzuki Gel Seat, and a ST windscreen. Marty on his Buell Firebolt with pegs 1 inch lower than stock. Justin on his F4i, stock. Jason on his Ninja 650R with a Corbin Seat. Aside from Jason’s bike, none of these bikes were all that comfortable, and I’m sure the manufacturers didn’t intend any of these bikes for this use. :)

Originally, the route was set to be from Raleigh NC, to Daytona Beach Florida. Due to the weather this route changed several times before we left, and we didn’t even know which way we were going to head til the morning of the ride. We decided we would take I40 to I95 to I20, all the way to Alabama, turn around, and come back the exact same way. On paper, this ride sounds easy. Stop every 115 or so miles, get gas and break for 20 minutes, and get back on the road. If we did this, and maintained a 60mph average (including the stops), we’d be back by 10pm…in time for a “late dinner” as the IBA web page said. This ought to be easy….

We all met at the usual Shell Station across from the LCD Sign at 5:45 am. Liz (my wife) was nice enough to meet us there so she could sign all our witness forms, take a picture of all of us, and wish us good luck (From all of us, Thank you Liz). We all gassed up, got her to sign the forms, and out we headed for the longest day of our lives.



Written By: TraGik aka Will


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West Bound and Up, NCS-ers Tame the Squirrel 9/18/2007

On August 18th, eight ridiculously bad ass NCSportbikers traveled to Squirrel Spur Rd, in Virginia.  Everyone met up at the gas station across from the NC State fairgrounds at around 8:15 am.  After tanks were filled, tires pressurized, and squids properly outfitted (ha) we set off down I-40 led by fearless leader’s Sukemecuke (Christian) and PlayWithGravity (Marty).  Great thing about our group of riders is everyone rides with a brain and respect for fellow riders.  You don’t have to worry about some stunta trying to wheelie right up through the middle of the pack.  Although you may want to keep an eye on Toyotafj40s (Kyle).  Just kidding, bro. Our 8 man convoy, sporting 2 amazingly awesome 2006 Blue/White GSX-R 600’s, made its first stop just outside of Winston Salem, NC for some go-go juice and to re-hydrate.  After a little rest, a good group chat, and once Christian fixed his loose exhaust clamp we were back on the road.After a quick stop in Mayberry to watch Andy, Opie, and Barney circle the town in their retro cop car (seriously) and being flipped off by some PMS’ing hoe in an exhaust-less Montero (?), we headed up the road to Squirrel Spur.Once at SS we stopped and got our duckies in order; making sure the new guys were in back for the first run so they didn’t go flying off the mountain trying to drag their elbows.  MPower (Jonathan) led the group through the first time because he is painfully slow and would scout out the road for debris and any other foreign objects. Everyone did great and rode within their abilities.  The group made a few more runs, snapped some photos, and cut a few farts.Stomachs growling, tanks on E, sweat dripping from every crack, and asses waiting to be tapped back home we set off east.  Bojangles’ provided good eats, good convo, and fortunately for MPower a ride home WITH a shirt on his back (ask if you want to know). The ride home was without incident and we made just one stop for gas.  Once in Greensboro, 3 of 8 broke off to head to Piedmont Raceway to meet up with other fellow NCSportbikers for some drag racing.All in all it was a great ride.  We really do have a great group of riders here in North Carolina.  If you haven’t been on a ride with us yet, join in.  You will surely get a rise or soaking wet. (pics)


MPowera.k.a.JonathanGSXR Rider/NCS member


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Written by Mpower GSXR RIder | NCS Member
















NCS Gets up early and gets to Cleaning!




At the crack of morning on February the 16th, 2008, some of the NCS crew headed out to clean up our stretch of adopted highway outside of Jordan Lake on Wimberley Rd.  Some of the Raleigh guys and gals love riding in that area, so we were fortunate to get that road.
We had a great turnout for breakfast, and to the surprise of the attendees, NCS bought their breakfast at the local Perkins and then gave away a few tee shirts.

Shortly there-after the crew mounted up, and headed up highway 64 to our adopted highway and got started preparing.  Orange vests, gloves, and trash pokers were divvied out then we headed in our separate ways

Some of the guys found some pretty interesting oddities, from an outhouse, some animal remains, and beer cans a plenty were strewn around on the road for all of us to take care of.  Or maybe just poke at with a stick.
Jbaz showed up with his camera that cost more than a lot of our bikes, and also snapped off some great (and not so great) pictures of everyone.
Though some of the neighborhood folks thought it odd for a bunch of hooligans to be out cleaning up their street, especially as about every 30 minutes a bike would speed past.  But with warm hearts some of the folks did stop and ask us who we were and that they loved us for taking care of their roadway.


A special thanks again to Uncle Marty for organizing our highway as well as the date to go our for our first clean up, and a very special thanks to everyone who showed up (Voodoo, DredPirate, PGood, BHW, GetBent (plus wife Allison), Sukemecuke (plus wife Karen), EricRideBike, BME8675309, Brake-n-Blip, Eff_Four_Eye, FreeRideAce, BHW, Hobert, Jbaz)
Thanks again guys, and thanks for supporting NCS!




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